Aritificial Leather / Wool Varsity Jackets

Aritificial Leather, Wool Varsity Jackets - VARES

Graduated Prices:

  • 104,-
  • 97,-
  • 90,-
  • 83,-
  • 74,-

* The prices displayed atop include the custom-made jackets, 3 different embroideries, and 19% VAT. Shipping costs are not included. For jackets from 3XL to 7XL a surcharge of 10% will be applied.

The artificial leather / wool varsity jacket is a lower priced version of the American original for which genuine leather is used. Never the less, the great letterman jacket style still comes in the the package – of course in combination with great material and custom embrioderies!

These custom-made varsity jackets convince thanks to the eminently high quality of their artificial leather and the large number of artificial leather colours which are available. Due to the many colours on hand you will have a no issues styling your own unique team varsity jackets. Furthermore, you can also customize these jackets with high-quality artificial leather sleeves with 3 different and custom embroideries or felt appliques. These can be positioned either on the chest, sleeve, or back.

In a nutshell:

  • 100% customizable
  • High quality: Artificial leather sleeves and wool body
  • Weatherproof
  • Over 30 artificial leather colours selectable
  • More than 10 wool colours to choose from
  • 3 embroideries included
  • Sizes XXS to 7XL100% customizable


If you would like to know more about these custom-made varsity jackets with embroidery, feel free to simply drop us an e-mail or use the contact form to get your personal quote and more info!

Material info for the Custom-made Varsity Jackets made from Wool and Artificial Leather:


The sleeves of this custom-made varsity jacket are manufactured in the colour of your choice. You can pick one of the colours displayed in the TAB “Artificial Leather Colours”. More than 30 different artificial leather colours are available.



100% sheep wool is used for the jacket’s body. You may select any available wool colour. Over 10 are there to choose from. Should it be the case, that the colour you are searching is not amongst the one which can be found in the gallery, we offer to dye the wool according to your wishes. Please contact us for further details.

Please note: Sheep wool, a natural material is used in the production process. As a direct result little differences in the wool colour can not be ruled out.
In the TAB “wool colours” all available colours are displayed in a gallery.



The finishes are made from 100% polyester. You can freely style the number of stripes and their colours, too.


You can free select the colour of the buttons used for you custom-made varsity jackets with a dyed plastic cap in the colour of the clients choice. Another possibility is available. If you want you can also select metal buttons without a plastic cap. These buttons are available in silver, bronze, black, and white.


The lining is black and is made from 100% polyester.

Price Info:

All prices shown atop include the custom-made varsity jackets and the costs for 3 different embroideries. 19% VAT. and all secondary costs (creation of punch cards, handling etc.) are also included.


Embroidery specifications:

In this TAB you can find all details concerning the 3 embroideries which are included in the prices displayed atop.

Maximum sizes and quantities of the embroideries or felt appliques:

  • 1x 12.6” x 12.6”
  • 2x 6” x 6”


When you are designing your favourite letterman jacket please keep in mind that:

  • Our job is to help you in every way possible! Feel free get in touch with our team and tell us how we can assist you!
  • If you wish, can use our free design support, which will create free preview images of the jackets you are interested in. These images will help you get a better impression of how the final custom-made varsity jackets will look like.
  • 2 of the 3 included embroideries may be used for a number, name, or for custom initials. Up to 3 different colours may be used for these individualizations (with or without felt).
  • In every other design may up to 8 embroidery colours and up to 3 felt colours may be used.
  • The embroidery of colour gradients is not possible.
  • You will get a 100% free digital preview of the created punch cards after the order details have been worked out. The production will not start before you give the final “Go-ahead!”.


The 3 included embroideries can be placed on the positions displayed below:

  • Front (left and right side)
  • Shoulders (left or right)
  • Wrists (left or right)
  • Back (top, centred or lower back)


To give a better idea of what is possible and how the final products may look like, we offer to create a few free preview images for you! Of course this service is free. Just send us an e-mail or use the contact form to request your preview images or personal quote!

Artificial Leather Colours:

VARES - Artificial Leather Colours #01-#18

VARES - Artificial Leather Colours #19-#36

Wool Colours:

VARES - Wool Colours

Custom-made Varsity Jackets Examples