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Basic Varsity Sweat JacketsThese varsity sweat jackets are the “Best Basics” in our assortment! They are ideal choice for your school, team, club, or company if you are searching for colorful but low-priced varsity sweat jacket.

In a nutshell:

  • Male and female jackets selectable
  • Summer jacket
  • 3 styles for women, over 20 colour combinations
  • 4 styles for men, more than 38 colour combinations
  • Available with print or embroidery
  • Male sizes XS to 3XL / Female sizes XS to XL


On this page you will find all the information concerning the best basic varsity jackets we offer: You can select freely from all the different styles and colour combinations available. In your order you can mix everything: the sizes, styles, colours, and even the jackets for men and ladies. These letterman sweat jackets care not custom-made, but are available in such a giant number of different styles and colour combinations which makes it is certain that you will find something you like. Especially with a corresponding logo – either embroidered or printed – we are able to create very stylish jackets. A long lasting and positive impression is guaranteed. Take some time to browse through the different galleries (located in the other TABS) to get an impression of how many different jacket are there to choose from.

Of course we will be happy to supply these jackets, with custom print or embroidery, to you, your team, club or school. No matter if you want us to place a subtle embroidery on the heart of jackets, or if you want a full scale and multi-colour print on the back – we can do it! Your ideas are the only limit. Another possible option is to place custom names, numbers or initials on the jackets. Again, these can be printed or embroidered.

If you are interested in these jackets, feel free to drop us an e-mail or just use our simple contact form to get your personal quote!


All varsity sweat jackets for men are available from XS to 3XL.
For women the sizes range von XS to XL.


The basic varsity sweat jackets are made from 380 GSM sweat material which consits of 65% Cotton 35% Polyester. These jackets are made for the summer season and are not waterproof.

In this TAB you will find all images of the basic varsity sweat jackets we offer. Choose freely from 5 different jacket styles and an incredible amount of different colour combinations… In your order you can compile a jacket mix selected from every jacket style, colour, and size you like!

“Classic Style” Gallery:


“Varsity Style” Gallery:


“Tri-Color Style” Gallery:


“Melange Jackets” Gallery:


“Hooded Jackets” Gallery:

In this TAB you will find various galleries of the ladies’ basic varsity sweat jackets. Select form 3 different jacket styles for women and more and even more colour combinations… Of course you can mix different jacket styles, colours, and sizes in your order.


“Ladies’ Classic Style” Gallery:


“Ladies’ Varsity Style” Gallery:


“Ladies’ Hooded Jackets” Gallery:

We have compiled a big gallery of our embroidered varsity sweat jackets. Have fun browsing through the photos.

Varsity Sweat Jackets with Embroidery:

References are always great to see. That is why we have put up this gallery with some detailed images of embroideries which were already made for our customers. As you can see, we separated felt appliques from normal embroideries.

Felt Applique Examples:


Embroidery Examples: