Custom-made Varsity Jackets – Finding the right Colour Combinations

  • 15th October 2013
Custom-made Varsity Jackets – Finding the right Colour Combinations

Custom-made varsity jackets can be manufactured in various colour combinations. We would like you to help you a little on the matter of what colours to pick for your individual team jackets.

As you might have seen on our website, we offer different jacket types which are 100% customizable:
•    Leather Varsity Jackets:
•    Leather / Wool Jackets:
•    Artificial Leather / Wool Jackets:
•    Varsity Sweat Jackets with Lining:

Picking the right colour combination is one of the first things that comes to mind when you are thinking about styling one of these varsity jackets.
As you can image a lot different combinations are possible and many of them will look great, others will look fine and of course there are combinations you should not choose. There are several basic rules you can follow in order to make the best choice. But first let present some suggestions of custom-made varsity jackets we have prepared for you to show you what is possible:

On purpose we only added custom-made varsity jackets to this gallery which are looking good or at least ok. For all jackets displayed the following rules apply: 1) At least one colours of the jacket’s embroidery, is reappearing in the finishes or the sleeves of the jacket itself. This completes the positive visual impression you get. 2) The colour of the striped finishes should resemble the colours of body and sleeves or should pick up the colours of the embroideries on the jacket. 3) And don’t forget about the buttons… We recommend using the same colour as for the sleeves. Please keep this in mind and you will get a great looking jacket.

We offer a free design and preview service you can call for at any time! Just send us your logo and a short text about what colour combinations you would like to see and we will prepare these images in no-time… Here some more examples of nice varsity jacket design ideas:

To be on safe side when choosing a proper colour combination for your custom-made varsity jackets you should pick colours that correspond with the colours of your club, company, or team. Furthermore we recommend styling the designs in the same colour pattern as the jacket. This is the best way to create a 100% original varsity jacket.
As an alternative to putting up a logo on the heart, or front of the jacket, you can pick a letter – keeping the old-school letterman jackets from the US 1920ties to 1970ties in mind…