Simple Varsity Sweat Jackets

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Graduated Prices:

  • 23,-
  • 21,50
  • 20,50
  • 19,50
  • 18,-

* The prices displayed include 19% VAT. Shipping costs, custom embroideries and prints are not included. We are happy to provide a personal quote!

Simple Varsity Sweat Jacket

The simple varsity sweat jackets are the best way to get the classic varsity style for a really low price! We recommend these jackets with a custom print. They are the perfect solution for graduating classes and teams or clubs with a small budget.

In a nutshell:

  • Lowest price
  • Light summer jacket
  • 2 main styles with 15 different colour combinations
  • Available with print or embroidery
  • Unisex sizes XS to 2XL
  • Kids sizes


We provide all the necessary information about the simple varsity sweat jackets on this page: In your order you can choose from all the various colour combinations and the 2 different jacket styles and combine them as you desire. That means that you select everything: the jacket’s colour, sizes, and style.
These jackets are not custom-made for every order, but come in the most important colour combinations. If you pick a colour shade that corresponds with the colours of your design you will get pretty close to the original varsity look of the old-school jacket from the 1960ties and 1970ties. We recommend only buying these varsity sweat jackets with custom prints or a single embroidery. This way the final jackets will stay low-priced and will definitely fit your budget! We have put up different galleries with all available jackets in the following TABS. Have fun browsing. Certainly we will be happy to produce these jackets for you, your club, school, graduation class, or team. Everything from printed numbers, initials, and names up a full scale multi-colour print is possible.

Just drop us an e-mail or use the simple contact form on our website! We will send you a personal quote soon after.


The simple varsity sweat jackets are available XS to 2XL. XS – 32′ / S – 34′ / M – 38′ / L – 42′ / XL – 46′ / XXL – 50′

For kids we can provide these jackets in the following sizes: XS – 3/4 | S – 5/6 | M – 7/8 | L – 9/11 | XL – 12/13



The simple varsity sweat jackets are made from 330 GSM sweat material which consits of 80% Cotton 20% Polyester. These jackets are made only for the summer season and are not waterproof or very thick.

Here you can see all images of our simple varsity sweat jackets. For every order you have the possibility to mix the jacket styles and colours freely.


Varsity Sweat Jackets – “Classic Style” Gallery:

Product code: JH041

Varsity Sweat Jackets – “Varsity Style” Gallery:

Product code: JH043

Kids Varsity Sweat Jackets – “Varsity Style” Gallery:

Product code: JH043J